Nonprofit Revenue Sources

According to the founder of Orbit NFP Hub — Matt Brannelly, nonprofit organisations often get confused by their own title. By definition they are established to achieve a community outcome as opposed to make a profit for commercial reasons. “Their goal is to carry out charitable activities and make an impact. This can be protecting children, preventing animal cruelty, giving out scholarships, organising free workshops and educational programs and many more” he adds.

The word nonprofit also indicates that these entities are given tax-exempt status and all revenue generated by them are used to benefit the public. They also do not usually make money the traditional way but that doesn’t mean they don’t make money at all. They generally generate money from the state and federal government and donations from other parties. They also acquire money from foundations and selling of products and services.

Before going further, note that Orbit NFP Hub is founded by Matt Brannelly. It’s a social enterprise established to help NFPs decrease costs and create new revenue streams with advice from industry experts. With that said, read on as Matt Brannelly takes us through various ways how nonprofit organisations create revenue.

1. Grants

2. Individual Donations

3. Fundraising Campaign

4. Sponsorship

5. Business

Matt Brannelly is the NFP strategic adviser from Clayfield, have more than 30 years of strategy and marketing consulting experience.